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How does RedKangaroo work?

You can earn exclusive rewards from your favorite brands by helping them grow. Simply share a brand or promotion with friends and unlock rewards.

Ways to help brands grow and earn FREE tokens

Share on social media, promote the brands to your friends and earn the brands' tokens for FREE.

Brands will keep adding more easy ways to earn FREE tokens for them.

Earn rewards and cashback from your favorite brands by simply promoting and helping them grow.

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What type of rewards do you get from the brands?

Rewards range from huge discounts on products to personalized songs from musicians and Zoom hangouts with your favorite celebrities and more.

We are adding more brands to our platform and more rewards are offered by your favorite brands every day.

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What are Brand Tokens and how do they work?

Each brand on RedKangaroo will have their own digital tokens that are offered to their fans. The tokens can be transacted, redeemed, and used for rewards ONLY within the same brand’s economy.

Each brand’s token price is set based on the brand’s value and the total number of the brand’s tokens in circulation. For example, if the brand value is $100K and the total number of tokens is 100K, then the token price is $1 per token.

RedKangaroo has a set of metrics that the brands can achieve. These metrics increase the brands’ value and in return increase the token price. The metrics are fully transparent for the fans so they can see how the brands perform.

Brands’ token prices will only go up or stay the same based on the brands’ performance metrics.

You can earn FREE brands’ tokens or buy brands’ tokens at the current token price to unlock top-tier rewards. The tokens can be sell or transfer to other users and cashout. When token price increases, you can make a profit by selling them.

When brands perform, their values grow.

What you can do with digital Brand Tokens.

RedKangaroo Technology

RedKangaroo is built on a secure permissioned blockchain technology that provides a safe and private blockchain platform for every brand.

The brands’ tokens are safely minted, distributed, and transacted within each brand’s own secure and private blockchain platform.

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